Minutemen of Attala Private Nimrod Newton Nash wrote his wife from Corinth, where the company joined the 13th Mississippi Regiment.

Camp Corinth, Miss.

May 16, 1861

Dear Mollie,

I thought I would not write you until Sunday, but as [this might] be interesting to Robert, I write today. There was two Regiments of troops. Our company belongs to the 13th Regiment. We hold…election for Colonel, lieutenant Colonel and Major. This…[Lieutenant] Colonel Whitiker [previously] Lieutenant of the Pettus Guards from Natches and Isam Harrison, Major.

I wish you could have been here. Two Thousand troops drawn up in two lines is a sight worth looking at. Sam has resigned his office and is going to leave here tonight for Atlanter, Geo., and Montgomery [AL] on some business I know not what. He is in fine spirits. Something alfoat. We are going to send by him for a fine Soard for our Capt.

We are going into camp this evening and draw our arms. We have plenty of provisions and if we had some nic[e] woman to fix them up we could get along very well. There is only one blanket enough for about half the company and if the merchants had not loned us some over coats some of our men would have suffered as it is much cooler here than it is where my darling wife lives.

I tried to get [her brother] Charles to go in with us, but suppose we would be most too slow for him. He is in a mess with some Dutch which suits him very well, as he can make them do as he please[s]. I wish nyou could see us on dress parade. It is a fine sight.

I think of you often my darling and would be so glad to see you but when will that be the lord only knows. Take care of your self my love and the love I know you have for me will ever be a protection and guide in [an] evil hour.

Give my love to all relations and friends. This letter will do for you and Robert both this time. I will write him next week. You will please write me immediately and tell how you are getting along. Tell me all about the crop, stock, and every thing else that I do not know.

Good by my darling


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