Newt Nash wrote his wife Mollie once more from the regiment’s Tennessee camp.

Union City Tenn June 7th q861

Dear Wife

I write you by Mr. Clark and can inform you I have the satisfaction of saying to you that we will if nothing happens meet soon. I have conferred with Colonel Barksdale. He will he says be very glad to see you all as it has a restraining influence on the men for ladies to visit the camp.

If you will be ready to come, Frank, Charles or myself will come after you as soon as Capt Fletcher comes back. Charles and Frank dont want Hassie and Emma to come, much hoping to come to see them in a short while. But that is uncertain for we may leave here soon, and it is possible we will not have a chance to come at all. Why not be together when it is possible.

In my last I said it would cost considerable for you to visit us. I was mistaken about it. It will no cost as much by a good deal. If I get a pass I dont think it will bee any expence to come or return. That is the opinion of our officers. If you can not get a free passage, by coming with Capt Fletcher, wait until you hear from me. If I come I will get off the cars at Goodman [MS].

Our company rebelled last night and carried our point. We received some orders that we could not obey because they were given as though we were a set of fools. The officer of the day came to our camp with a file of twenty men to arrest some of our men. But we rose as one man and told them that we would die before we would submit to be carried to the guard house. They then let us alone for the night.

Every man got up this morning with the determination [to] stand by each other to the last. Col Barksdale had us drawn up this evening, made a few remakrs in a very gentlemanly manner and thanked us for our kind attention. Said the minutemen would do to tie to.

Well my love do not be too much carried with the Idea of coming to see me for you know there is many a slip twixt the cup and the lip. Give my love to all and receive the love of your devoted husband

Yours Newton

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Retired Texas daily newspaperman
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