Muster rolls

One of the best sources of muster rolls for each company of the 13th Mississippi Infantry Regiment is H. Grady Howell Jr.’s muster roll listing. Howell is generally regarded as the definitive source, though I know of at least one exception. He decided that my great grandfather’s middle name was Parker, though that has long been in dispute in my family.

Howell’s source seems to be ggrandfather’s eldest daughter’s death certificate, which was filled out by her surviving children. Yet on my side, via his youngest son, lore has it that even ggrandfather didn’t know what his middle initial stood for. So take claims of definitiveness with care. Nevertheless, Howell’s book is a fine place to start. It’s much cheaper than McLean’s muster rolls, though, in most cases, McLean offers much more detail about the men.

For the present, there are only a few public lists such as this one with its individuals from Companies A (2), B (4), C (1), E (1), F (1), G (2), H (5),  I (3), and K (6).

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