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Slavery and the 13th

I don’t know how many men in the 13th regiment owned slaves. So far, there is evidence that nine of them either did or at least had family connections to slavery. (UPDATED, see below.) That’s out of the more than … Continue reading

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The “sick regiment” continues ill

The Leesburg assignment was supposed to help the 13th recover from its outbreaks of measles, pneumonia and typhoid fever. Instead, the crowding of men unused to crowding and with low immunity meant the outbreaks of contagious disease continued as August … Continue reading

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This letter from I (D) Company’s Pvt. Nimrod Newton Nash was undated. Headed only “Leesburg, Vir – Aug 1861.” McLean decided that its contents placed it on Aug. 10, the day the regiment left Centreville for their new camp near … Continue reading

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Tomb of the Unknown Confederate Soldier

The tomb is in the cemetery at Beauvoir (where six 13th veterans are buried), Confederate President Jefferson Davis’s last home, on the Gulf coast in Biloxi. The tomb’s unidentified remains represent the thousands of Rebel soldiers buried in unmarked, solitary … Continue reading

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Barksdale arrested

The 13th’s Colonel (later Brigadier General) William Barksdale was a politician with little military training, despite being a veteran of the Mexican War. For much of the 1850s, he’d been a “fire eater,” a pre-war secessionist, in the U.S. House … Continue reading

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A new brigade, and a visit from Prince Napoleon

The prince, whose society nickname was Plon Plon, was a cousin of Napoleon III, the president of France. The president was the first Napoleon’s nephew. Richmond hoped France would become the first European nation to recognize the Confederacy. Plon Plon, … Continue reading

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The “sick regiment”

On August 1, the regiment moved four miles northeast from its post-battle camp near the Stone Bridge to Centreville. A week later, illness had so overtaken the 13th that Pvt. Thomas D. Wallace of the Winston Guards wrote: “All of … Continue reading

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The Magnolia Flag

“On January 26, 1861, A magnolia device on a white field was added to the ‘Bonnie Blue Flag’ to create a new flag for the independent state of Mississippi. When Mississippi joined the Confederacy on March 27, 1861, the newly-created … Continue reading

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