“…his foot slipped and he fell under the cars.”

The soldier who died at Iuka, MS, en route to Virginia was named Warner. Diarist William H. Hill identifies him as Calvin P. Warner of Company A (B), The Winston Guards. McLean added this: Warner was a 6-foot, 21-year-old farmer from Louisville, MS.

Thomas David Wallace described what happened to him:

“Warner saw some of his friends and jumped out of the cars and went to tell them howdy. The cars was going slow and started off pretty fast and he ran to get on. When he jumped up between the cars, his foot slipped and he fell under the cars.

“One of the boys saw him fall and jumped to the fore part of the cars and let them loose so the cars that we was on was stopped. Some of the boys went back to see what had become of him. They found him cut all to pieces. They picked him up and carried him in a house. They left him for his friends to bury. They said they would bury him in good style. So the engine came back and hitched to the cars that was loose and we went on.”

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