The Incredible Dr. Simon Baruch

That’s part of the title of a talk on the 13th Mississippi’s onetime surgeon to be given in October at the 18th Annual Conference on Civil War Medicine in Towson, MD. Dr. B. is still news—to medical historians, anyhow. I’ll have more on his war and post-war work in subsequent posts.

Meanwhile, the family foundation of his granddaughter, Belle, still owns Hobcaw Barony, an old 17,500-acre rice plantation near Georgetown, SC. They lease it for wildlife investigations to Clemson and the University of South Carolina. And Joe McGill, a historian with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, is trying to drum up publicity to save the old slave cabins at Hobcaw and other SC plantations for future generations to see and appreciate.

Via Civil War Medicine (And Writing) and Civil War Librarian.

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