Newt Nash wrote Mollie on Sept. 28 from the 13th’s new camp at Balls Mill:

Dearest One,

In haste I write you a few lines by [her brother] Charles who is going to start for attalla to get our winter clothing. I wrote you by [the sutler] Mr. McAdory, but write you now for fear he does not deliver the letter to you he is so busy with his own affairs.

This leaves me well with the exception of tooth ache. My old jaw tooth aches every time it turns cold. I will have it extracted soon if it don’t quit aching. Speaking of my tooth reminds me of yours. I want you to have them attended to without delay. They have been neglected to long already. We can pay the expence sometime if we live. If not we will leave enough behind to pay it I reckon. Get Dr. Herring to fix them if you can.

The boys are all getting along finely. We have a gay company now, fifty or sixty on drill every time. Well darling I am afraid we will have some verry cold weather before our clothing comes, if it does not get here before [her brother, fifth sergeant] Charles comes back. It is quite cool here now. Think we will have frost in the morning.

Well love I think I ought to have been sent after the clothing for all the married men have been at home except myself. I did not know any thing about their having to send after them until Charles was ready to start. The company think I ought to go and I do too. Well love it don’t matter. We will meet after a while and then our meeting will bee the sweeter wont it?

Well the Barksdale affair is not settled yet. Some scamp cut his horses tail off last night.

Well love if you have not started my clothing yet send me two pair of pants. My last winters will do. Two heavy woolen over shirts, flannel shirt and drawers. It is not worth while to send any check shirts as I have made a rise since we parted. I will give you a bill of what I want: 2 pair pants, 2 shirts, 1 flanel shirt and drawers, 2 pr cotton drawers, 1 coat and my winter best. Or one in the place of it, if you can exchange it for a heavy one, 2 cotton handchfs.

I believe that is all I can think of. You need not send any boots or shoes. If the citizens sind blankets sind one by Charles. Try and get our corn gathered soon if you have to hire help. I know you will do the verry best you can in my absence. Keep up your spirits and trust in the lord for he will support you in every trial.

Do not spend any money for me more than you can help for I can buy any thing here I need from the sutler. We will draw pay again soon. Give my love to all the dear friends and receive many kisses to your lovely self. Good bye my dear one and may the lord bless you is the prayer of your


(You can make photocopies of Newt’s letters to Mollie at the Mississippi Department of Archives and History in Jackson, MS.)

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