Brigadier Gen. D.H. Hill

Daniel Harvey Hill, like Evans a South Carolinian, was the hero of Big Bethel, an early skirmish of the war near Fortress Monroe on the Virginia peninsula.

Also like Evans, Hill was a West Point graduate. But the brother-in-law of Stonewall Jackson had left the service to become a mathematics professor. He was the author of an 1857 Southern algebra textbook whose example problems famously accused Northerners of cowardice and unethical business dealings.

Hill had a reputation for being ill-tempered and quarrelsome. It may have been due, in part, to a chronic spinal ailment that gave him a slight stoop and much pain. It would not be aided by the cold, damp Leesburg winter.

He took semi-autonomous command of Leesburg and the surrounding countryside, including the earthworks, the Richmond Howitzers, and the Eighth Virginia Regiment and spent the next few months issuing periodic alarms of impending action that did not materialize. He would not, however, get the 13th and the aborning Mississippi Brigade. They would go to Brig. Gen. Richard Griffith of Vicksburg, a longtime friend of President Jefferson Davis.

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