Infantry life was no longer appealing to some of the Minutemen. Indeed, they were thinking of forming a new artillery company, Private Nimrod Newton Nash told his wife Mollie:

In Camp Leesburg Vir Jan 22nd 1862

Dear Mollie,

I received your precious letter yesterday of the 11th this month which was read with unspeakable pleasure. This leaves me in good health. I had sick head ache for the first time in a long time last night, but was soon relieved by taking a salt water emitic.

We had considerable snow last night. The ground has been covered nearly all the time since before christmast. We are haveing the most disagreeable weather I ever experienced in my life. The mud is shoe mouth deep all over our encampment, has been so for several days. The boys are all wishing for a freeze. That is the most agreeable weather we have, as it is dry under foot.

I sit most of the time in my corner by the window when I can get there for my rocking chair is verry attractive. We are trying to make light bread and think we will succeed finely as the yeast is rising finely. I am playing the old woman today attending to the yeast.

Frank Campbell and Joe Weatherly arrived here this morning (and what do you think) not one of my kin wrote me a line. I suppose the reason of that is the favorites are all absent in another direction. I cant account for it any other way.

Mr. McAadory is going to leave for Attala tomorrow. I am going to send $15.00 fifteen dollars to you by him. He will leave it with Mr. Cummins or Eugenia. That will leave me with $9.00 nine dollars which will answer me until we draw again which will bee soon.

You spoke of not cleaning out the ditch above the new ground. That is right just let it alone. I wish I had never made it. I would rather have the oat patch plowed in if it can be done soon than to burn it off. If any part of the new ground will burn off clean round the fence and stick fire to it some dry windy day and let it go.

Forty men from our company have with others from this regiment made up an artilery company, but I have my doubts about them being received as they have some opposision among the leading officers in this Brigade. The reason they oppose it is that the man is a Virginian who is making it up.

I have not heard a word from John, Sam, or Mat since they left home. I think they ought to write me and let me know where they are and what they are doing. Tell Whitty Frank Ross lost the letter he wrote me. Im sorry I did not get it. Tell him to write me again and I will bee certain to answer it.

There is no war news, no duty to perform, so you see we have nothing to excite. I pass off the time in reading my Bible and every book and news paper I can get.

I have nothing more. Will leave you in the hands of an all wise creator, My love to all the friends. Receive my warmest love. I remain your devoted husband

Newton Nash

About Dick Stanley

Retired Texas daily newspaperman
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