Culpepper Court House Va

March 14th 1862

Dear One,

I am nearly one hundred miles from where I was when I wrote you last, after seven days march over a turn pike road. We evacuated Leesburg on the [7th] and burned everything that would be of any service to the enemy. The whole army…are falling back to this place…

We arrived at this place about twelve yesterday tired and worn out. Found over forty thousand troops beside our Brigade. We all got new tents yesterday evening but they are not so large as the old ones. We have plenty to eat but have no priveliges outside the lines.

We have never known what dissipline was yet. None are allowed to pass the lines without the permission of Gen Hill, except negroes. They are the only priviliged characters here. The [colonels, captains] or no one can pass without permission.

We are nearly all bearfooted in a manner. I sent to town for a pair of shoes by Geo Clarks boy Tom. I do not know where we will go to from here, but tis reported that we will go to Gordonsville in a few days distant thirty five miles. T[he] whistle of the cars, the first we heard since last July reminds me of home more than any thing since we commenced the march.

There has been a bloody battle at Norfol[k] Va in which we came out gloriously victorious. Also one in Arkansas which resulted in the complete rout of the Yanks. The Yanks took possession of Leesburg the next day after we left with ten thousand men.

They are feeling along after us, and if they don’t mind they will bee caught in a trap. It is reported here that Genls Floyd and Pillow have been displaced for giveing up their command to Buckner and running in the ft. Donalson fight.

It is believed that Buckner is a traitor to the south. A Colnl in the Malicia was shot night before last by a Capt. I heard this morning that Thad Jennings was at Gordon[s]ville on his way up. I expect all the extra baggage that we sent off in the fall has been burned up at Manassas for Johnston had a great deal of army stores burning before leaving the place. I have nothing more and in a hurry to get this mailed to day.

Will write you again in a  few days if there is any chance. Direct your letters to Culpepper C.H. Va Co D. 13 Reg Miss Vol & C. Remember me to all the family. My health is verry good.

Your husban

NN, Nash

About Dick Stanley

Retired Texas daily newspaperman
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