Alamutcha Infantry

The Lowe brothers, of the Alamutcha Infantry. John C., a 4th Sergeant, left, and William D., a private, on the right. John’s left arm was amputated at Antietam, and he went home to Mississippi on wounded furlough. William died of dysentery Dec. 27, 1862.

Photo via the 1983 edition of The Confederate Calendar. Details from Jess N. McLean’s book on the regiment.

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2 Responses to Alamutcha Infantry

  1. cheryl says:

    do you have any more info on George W.Agnew of the 23th infantry according to my family records he is my grand father x times past

    • Dick Stanley says:

      Thanks for the comment, Cheryl. Don’t know what you mean by the 23th infantry. There was a Private George W. Agnew in the Alamutcha Infantry. Regiment historian Jess McLean has this on his roster listing: GWA enlisted May 8, 1861, at Alamutcha, Lauderdale County, single, age 21, a farmer from Ramsomville. He was born in Winston County in 1840. He may have had a brother, William P, age 24, also a private in the company. McLean continues: GWA was transferred to Company C of the 41st Mississippi Infantry Regiment on Oct. 31, 1863, by order of Gen. Braxton Bragg. That was when the 13th was in Tennessee operating under Bragg’s army command.

      McLean again: on Jan 1, 1900 GWA applied for a Confederate pension from the state of Mississippi. He died Aug. 8, 1918 and seems to be buried at Beauvoir Confederate Cemetery, Section B Grave 04 180. He’s one of six 13th veterans buried there. The cemetery lists him as having been in the Winston Guards (Co. A) of the 13th. No mention of the 41st Regiment. McLean’s final entry concerns “widow, Susan A.” who applied for a Confederate widow’s pension in Hinds County. Her application has GWA back in the Alamutcha Infantry, Company E.

      Beauvoir was a veteran’s home which had been the home of Confederate President Jefferson Davis until his death in 1889 in New Orleans. He is buried in Richmond, VA. Beauvoir’s veteran residents are buried in the cemetery. Is any of this familiar to you?

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