Dead from measles

Winston Guards Private William Henry Smyth, who wrote so poignantly on May 9 to his wife and two young children of the crowding and privations at Camp Winder hospital in Richmond, died there on Sunday night, June 15, 1862.

“I sent by Emmett [1st Sergeant Robert Emmett Yarbrough] his purse and some other little artifacts,” William’s nephew Benjamin Thad Smyth, also a private in the company, wrote home, according to Jess N. McLean’s book on the regiment,

Also “his bible, which he often read, and some locks of his hair. His clothing I have stored away to be sent home when an opportunity presents itself. His blankets and heavy baggage we will keep. I took his hat and shoes for which Pa can pay you. Uncle Henry made no request at all.”

He was “decently buried in the Holy Wood Cemetery [Richmond’s Hollywood Cemetery]” in a $50 walnut coffin and his grave marked “so there can be no difficulty in finding him in case you want his remains brought home.”

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