Death by accident

The 13th Mississippi Regiment apparently suffered only three wounded in the Battle of Savage’s Station. But one of them, whose wounds would prove mortal, was purely by accident.

It happened the night after the battle as the troops slept among the dead and wounded in a Yankee field hospital camp, according to Minutemen of Attala Private Thurman E. Hendricks, whose diary Jess N. McLean privately obtained for his history of the regiment.

“It had been raining a little that evening and a soldier stuck his bayonet into the ground and hung his blanket on the stock to dry out.”

The rifle fell over and discharged.

“The ball broke both legs of a young soldier standing some distance away.”

McLean, who identified the young soldier as Private William F. Malone of the Pettus Guards, said he died of his wounds on July 21.

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  1. E Fleming says:

    I own the a “book” (handwritten manuscript) by Thurman Hendricks that includes first hand biographical accounts of other soldiers.

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