Richmond Va Aug 7th/62

Dear Wife

I received two letters from you yesterday, one mailed the 22nd July. There is nothing new transpiring here at present, and I hardly know how to commince writing.

I have taken a severe cold since comeing to camps, with that exception my health is as good as usual. I sent a letter to you by Mr McGruder informing you of Henries death and other particulars. Lewis N. will leave for home on the morrow if nothing happens.

Mesres Hammons, Thompson, Hubber and Cone are all here to day. Will all leave for home soon. Mr. Thompson is as polite as ever. It looks a little odd to se a man polite in camps. I tell you love if a man is possessed of any refinement, camp life will gradually wear it away. Those old men look as familiar as pig tracks.

I have tried hard to get a transfer to the 40th Reg, but failed. No one can get a transfer from this army, so we will have to content ourselves until the war comes to a close; which I pray God may not bee long.

I am obliged to you for the poetry [of] your sentiments, I know. The Yanky letter I saw long since. You want a trophy of the battle. Harvies death and Henries being wounded prevented me from getting any little thing that would do to send you as a trophy. I could have sent one from the other battle fields, but that could not be considered so unless our Regt was engaged.

You want me to send you a pistol. That is something that costs high, and more than that my love you have no buisiness with one in my humble judgement.

I have plenty clothing for the present except shoes which I need badly. Will bee compelled to buy soon or go bare foot. Wish I had the pair you have for me. I gave one of my over coats to Lewis Nash and will send the other to Pa. I can get a coat before winter sets in. If not can do like I did last winter without.

I took possession of some of Harvies clothes as it would bee no consolation to his father to send them home. You need not expect much more money from me as I have concluded to take your advice in regard to my fare and comfort. We spend money every day for something to eat. Will draw pay in a few days. Have twenty five dollars on hand now.

We have blackberry pies for dinner every day and pay $1.00 pr lb for sugar or $5.00 pr gal for molasses to sweeten with. That’s extravagant.

I hope you will be able to buy some more hogs, and get rid of most mules or one of them at least. The Government is paying fine prices for every thing now.

Charles has gone to the city to day. Was not in command of the company the day of the fight, but was up to that day whin OBrien came to us just before the fight. Give my love to all and believe me as ever your devoted husband.


About Dick Stanley

Retired Texas daily newspaperman
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