I hope you will get butchered up

Union sentiment was so strong in Frederick, Maryland, that at least one citizen felt free to threaten the Mississippi Brigade, according to Spartan Band Private Albert Wymer Henley who wrote in his diary on Sept. 10, 1862:

“While Longstreet’s Corps was passing through, a lady asked whose troops they were. On being informed they were Longstreet’s she remarked ‘I hope you will every one get butchered up.’ And he replied that ‘General Longstreet is also in the butchering business.’ The lady retired to her room and the soldier marched on.”

Attala Minutemen Private Mike Hubbert “found it quite a union town” where no merchant would take his Confederate money. “There seem to be some secessionist but a large majority of the place is union.”

Henley: “One man waved his hat and hollowed ‘Hurrah for Jackson.’ The stores were all closed and people, on no terms, would accept our money for anything.”

Gen. Lee now boldly divided his army, with more than half of it, including McLaws Division, heading southwest for Harpers Ferry, while the rest pressed on west to South Mountain and north to Hagerstown.

The 13th, as part of McLaws Division, climbed and crossed over the Catoctin Mountains and then marched back down into a beautiful valley. Near midnight they reached the small rural village of Middletown.

“We were treated very cool there,” quartermaster clerk William H. Hill wrote in his diary. “They refused to sell us anything or take our money. Marched 14 miles today. Wrote to Ma.”

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