The hastening winter and continuing frosts weren’t so easy on some of the 13th and, indeed, the rest of Barksdale’s brigade.

Scanty rations, little warm clothing and “wood rather scarce” made camp life uncomfortable, Spartan Band Private Albert Wymer Henley recorded in his diary.

“We were not allowed to rest. Drilling was kept up twice a day. At the battle of Sharpsburg many of us had laid down or lost our blankets and our retreat having been so sudden and unexpected we had not had time and did not think of procuring others when we had the opportunity.

“For my part I was reduced to one suit of cloths and an oil cloth. There were thousands similarly situated and the nights were extremely cold and wood rather scarce. I had an unlucky accident and burn[t] my oil cloth. Short rations was another addition to our wants.”

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