Private Jonathon James McDaniel

This post-war picture of the Winston Guards private from Louisville, Mississippi, was recently provided to me by his great, great granddaughter Jo Anzalone.

He was in Fredericksburg with the 13th, a young farmer who joined the Guards in May, 1861, at age 22. He left the 13th Regiment in March, 1864 and joined his brother William J. McDaniel in the Winston Rifles of the 5th Mississippi Infantry Regiment.

The 5th was serving in the Army of the Tennessee under Hood when Jonathon was wounded at Spring Hill, Tennessee, a leg was amputated and he was sent home. He died there in 1876, apparently from complications of his wound, leaving a widow and four small children.

His gggranddaughter is writing a novel about Private McDaniel’s Civil War service. The work-in-progress is available free for the reading on the Web here.

There is another link there, Confederate Footsteps, to many good photos of “a pilgrimage” she recently completed (carrying an antique silver syrup pitcher that belonged to McDaniel after the war) retracing the routes and campsites of the 13th Mississippi. With her kind permission, I’ll be using a few of those photos as we continue with the 13th’s history.

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