Fredericksburg Va March 24th


Dear Mollie

I mailed a letter to you yesterday and as I have an opportunity of sending you one letter by hand will write you a short letter, but have no news.

Thad Jennings with [wife] Ella leaves for home in the morning. Am glad to see them get off for I fear Ella is g[o]ing to be sick. Unless she takes good care of her bones. My health is improving fast, think I will bee entirely well in a few days.

I received another sweet letter from you yesterday evening. How glad it makes me to get one from you. I want to read one from you every week while we are separated. It makes no difference what is in it. Anything from your dear self is interesting.

Phil Burt, Jack Boyd, Alex Ross, two of the Fullers, Armstrong, Gaber, and Long, got in this evening, in fine health and spirits. A fine chance of recruits for our company. All the boys got letters from loved ones at home. One from [sister] Eugenia and one from Pa came to my hand. Some of them got good new clothes from home. Our company has been well supplied with clothing from old Attala.

Well loved one I have just returned from preaching where I heard a verry fine sermon delivered by Dr Styles, a Presbyterian minister from Richmond. The boys are all in bed except Dave Dadd, old Dock, and I. The old town clock is just striking ten, and it is raining just hard enough to make one feel a little lonesome or something of that sort. Dock is going home with Thad and we will have to do our own cooking. Will miss him verry much, as he is a verry faithful old servant, just such a negro as I wish you had, dont need any watching.

I am going to get Thad to take some snuff home for you and some of my sisters. I want Bettie & Kate to have some too if he can take it for me. They both seem verry near and dear to me & I would prove it by acts if I were able, and money would do it. I fear they think I dont care much for them.

I am going to write Robt a letter some of these days and let him understand that my name is being carved high up on the roll of fame. (That will do dont you think.) I cant think of another sentence to write so will close by sending much love to all. Receive for yourself a wifes share.

Good Night sweet yours. N.

About Dick Stanley

Retired Texas daily newspaperman
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