Fredericksburg Va

April 20th /63

Dear Mollie

Once more the privilige is granted me of writing to my darling wife who always has the upermost seat in my heart. This leaves me in fine health, together with a majority of our company.

Napolean Murff, John Burt, and Hack Brister have been quite sick, but all are fast recovering. Mike Hubert died yesterday after an illness of seven days. His disease was tiphoid pneumonia. We buryed him with military honors. Poor boy, I fear he was not prepared to meet his God. Our company met last night and passed resolutions of condolence which will bee sent to attala for publication in the Kosciusko papers.

The meeting is still going on [and] much interest is taken by the soldiers of this and other Brigade[s]. The verry large church was full to overflowing at eleven O clock to day, and I think I never heard a better sermon than was preached by Mr. Owen chaplain of the 17th Miss Regt. The servises were verry affecting. Hundreds of the vilest[,] stoutest[-] hearted shed tears like children during servise. This being such a lovely day many of the Genls around were at church.

Your uncle Joe Patterson was here this morning to see Charles, but I did not get to see him until he was riding of[f]. Would like the best in the world to get acquainted with him.

I received a letter from you last week dated Apr 4th. You made a good many inquiries of things that I’ve wrote you about, but suppose you did not get the letter. I got the box here without much trouble. Gave Evan a potatoe, did not make any pie for fear we would spoil it and loose the potatoes. All the mess except John Gillilend liked the pudding finely, of course they liked the tat. I gave one to Charles[,] one to Fr[ank] [,] one to Ella.

Several of our company have joined the church. A few are serious. I have been thinking of joining for some time, and haveing my name transfered to the church that you belong to. Will probably do so soon.

I know you was frightened during the storm, you did right in casting yourself in the hands of Him who alone can command the wind and the seas. I have learned that is the only source for protection in time of danger.

Well love there is no war news that you will not hear of before this reaches you. If the weather continues good you will no doubt hear some from this army before long, and it will bee good, mark that. Our army is in better condition for a fight than ever before.

Monday morning. John Pettigrew preached last night. Is a fine speaker. The church would not hold all that turned out. I am well this morning.                Your, Newton

[P.S.] Love I have determined to cast my lot with the people of God, and henseforth try and live a Christian life. Pray that I may have the grace of God to support me in every difficulty. My name will bee sent to your fathers church by the chaplain of our Regiment. I think they will receive me on his testimony. This has been a serious thought with me for some time although I have said nothing about it even to you. I feel that I am doing right in so doing. Pray for me.          N….

About Dick Stanley

Retired Texas daily newspaperman
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