Culpepper, C.H. Va

June 7th 1863

Dearest Mollie,

Our army is now on the moove for some place unknown to me. After we left our old position the Yanks crossed over to try and get us to come back but Gen Lee is too smart to bee fooled by a Yanky.

We have been maching and counter marching for several days and are not over ten miles from where we started. I suppose that wa some of Gen Lee’s strategy. Our boys all stand the march much better than could be expected after being stationed so long and haveing such an easy time.

I believe we will meet the enemy about the famous Manassus plains again, as both armies seem to be makeing for that point. Our armie is in fine condition, and if we get into another fight, will whip the Yanks worse than we ever have.

We have cheering news from Vicksburg, hope thing will turn out all right after all that has been said of Comdg Gen at that place. If Grant is badly whipped it will have more influence than any battle yet fought.

I believe our army is going to the North if nothing happens, if so you may not hear from me in a long time. I will continue to write as I have always done. I am anxious to get a letter from you, as none has come to me in the last two weeks. We are having fine weather just now, but it would bee well for the farmers if it would rain a little.

Well sweet one I have no news, and of course cannot interest you much in this letter. We have not heard a word from any of our friends in the western army since the fighting there. Charles and Frank are well. Have forty five men in our company, all in fine spirits. Give my love to all. God bless you my own sweet wife.

Your Newton

About Dick Stanley

Retired Texas daily newspaperman
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  1. Just finished going to Harper’s Ferry, Antietam, and Gettysburg for the first time in July. Was absolutely fascinated with the info I learned about William Barksdale and his Mississippi Brigade. I live in Meridian, MS and glad I found your blog. Keep up the great info.

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