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Humphreys Brigade and the13th Regiment on the move

The following are from the Official Records. July 23, 1864—5.30 a. m. Lieutenant-General Anderson : General : General Lee directs that Major-General Kershaw, with his division, proceed at once to Chaffin’s Bluff, on the north side of James River. He … Continue reading

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In the trenches at Petersburg

The 13th Regiment, along with the rest of Kershaw’s Division of Anderson’s First Corps, occupied the right-hand half of the Confederate trenches at Petersburg from late June through late July. According to the First Corps Diary in the Official Records, … Continue reading

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The Siege of Petersburg begins

On the morning of June 13, when the Rebs were still entrenched at Cold Harbor, their commanders realized that Grant’s army had largely disappeared from their front. The Yankees were once again moving south in an attempt to get around … Continue reading

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A rather inert, indolent manner

General Richard Heron Anderson, who took over the First Corps after Longstreet was wounded at the Wilderness, was a “short, thick, stocky” man who was very different from the Bull of the Woods, as First Corps soldiers had begun calling … Continue reading

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