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Battles: Berryville

History has dismissed the Battle of Berryville, Sept 3-4, 1864, as a minor engagement. But it was major enough for the diminished 13th Regiment and the rest of the Mississippi Brigade. The federals under Gen. Phillip Sheridan were moving south … Continue reading

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Skirmishing around Wincester

This late in the war, Confederate records are sparse, and details few, but the 13th regiment seems to have missed the Aug. 16, 1864, fight at Guard Hill near Front Royal. There, Wofford’s Brigade of Georgians was surprised by Union … Continue reading

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A new, romantic view of General Barksdale

This is, by far, the most romantic idealization of Gen. William Barksdale that I’ve ever seen. Especially because of his hair, which here looks quite full on top. He was well-known, however, to be a bald man who wore a toupee when … Continue reading

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