A Mississippian in Texas

Davis, Wm H HeadstoneIndependent historian Jess McLean of Dallas, author of the only compendium of the troops of the 13th Mississippi Infantry Regiment is trying to preserve this old grave in Lyons, southwest of College Station, Texas.

The lieutenant named on the tombstone, William H. Davis, began the war as a private in the 13th’s Spartan Band (later Company H) and was the last officer in command of the tiny remnant of the regiment when it surrendered at Appomattox in 1865.

Somehow 1LT Davis, who was from Chickasaw County, Mississippi, wound up buried on private property in Lyons. Jess still is trying to figure out exactly how that happened as well as trying to interest the Sons of Confederate Veterans in protecting the grave with a fence. It needs one because the new landowner’s seasonal mowing has periodically scarred the stone and knocked it down

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5 Responses to A Mississippian in Texas

  1. John Ellisor says:

    I live just outside of Lyons, Texas and would be interested in volunteering time to help save and maintain this gravesite.

  2. Dick Stanley says:

    Great, John. You’d best contact Jess for info on how to do that. His email addy is at the bottom of this page: http://civil_war_13th_miss.tripod.com/

  3. Jess Mclean says:

    Thanks Dick – I contacted John. Appreciate anything he can do. – BTW I found out that Davis had relatives in that area and was apparently visiting them when he passed away.

  4. Dear Sir Mr. Jess Mc Lean, Dr. James W. Dunnavant, Jr. here we meet at my cousins home in Hackberry in Dallas years ago. I found that the marker in Kosse on my Great Grandfather’s grave is not marked with the correct rank. Isham J. Pringle was promoted on the last muster roll of the 13th Mississippi. He was shot four times at Fort Sanders and I would assume upon his return as a POW for 18 months appox. he would have been promoted by Lt. Davis as the commander of the 13th. He had many friends on the wagon train as you might recall from Mississippi including my Great Grandmother Sarah Ann Ross. Please check again the interview on the American Life Manuscripts you shared with me. Oh I got it Gov. Davis….humm..She tells a story about Gov Davis. I wonder id there is a connection?


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