Barksdale’s Brigade at Fredericksburg

MsBdeUnion Captain Andrew Joseph Russell took this photograph of a portion of Barksdale’s Mississippi Brigade in Fredericksburg on April 8, 1863. They were posing for Russell— said to be the first official U.S. Army photographer—at the town end of a destroyed railroad bridge crossing the Rappahannock River. The photo may include some 13th Regiment soldiers, making it theirs and the brigade’s only known surviving photo of the war.

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2 Responses to Barksdale’s Brigade at Fredericksburg

  1. Joel says:

    A remarkable photo of what Confederate soldiers wore during the war.

    • Dick Stanley says:

      Indeed, and if you look close you’ll see what appears to be rolled-up cuffs of denim. I’ve read that their butternut usually was the same as our blue denim jeans, just not blue.

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