“…a good tactical history…”

TOCWOC’s review of Phillip Thomas Tucker’s new Barksdale’s Charge is more than complimentary.

“This is a detailed history of the men that charged and those who stopped them. The author lets them tell the story with extensive quotes from their letters and diaries. Additionally, he quotes a number of respected historians to support the idea that this is the ‘High-water Mark’ of the Confederacy.

“This is solid old-fashion battle history where heroics are commonplace. Some may complain about ‘purple prose’ but some history must be written that way. Purple prose or not, this is a good tactical history of how regiments and brigades fought. The author is careful to detail the tactics used giving the reader a better understanding of command and control in the smoke filled, confused and incredibly noisy environment that was battle.”

We descendents of the 13th Regiment of Barksdale’s Mississippi Brigade can be pardoned for sharing such sentiments about this best-so-far analysis of their Gettysburg charge—as we did even before TOCWOC’s approbation. But it’s very nice to have it to point to as well.

Read all of the review here.

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2 Responses to “…a good tactical history…”

  1. Dick,

    Thanks for linking to TOCWOC. I also happen to run a Siege of Petersburg site (http://www.beyondthecrater.com). I’m always looking for information on regiments which fought at Petersburg, and the type of research you are doing here looks like you might be able to answer some questions I have about the 13th Mississippi’s time there. If you have the time, could you shoot me an email at the email address I provided for this comment so we can talk privately? I’ve taken the liberty of adding a link to your site on my 13th Mississippi unit page at the Siege of Petersburg Online: http://www.beyondthecrater.com/resources/units/confederate-units/confederate-infantry/mississippi-infantry/13th-mississippi-infantry/

  2. Dick Stanley says:

    Thanks for the comment, email on its way, though I can’t add any more than what is posted here under Petersburg and Deep Bottom. The 13th Regiment, very fortunately for its soldiers and their descendents, spent very little time at P-burg and got out before the crater explosion. They never went back.

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