“The ration is complained of as being scant”

Feb. 27, 1865, is the last extant inspector’s report for the 13th Regiment and its brigade by the Army of Northern Virginia.

“The command is very well supplied with clothing. The arms and accoutrements are kept in excellent order. The ration is complained of as being scant. Soap is very much required. I would recommend an issue of soap at least once each month.

“There are no deficiencies of moment reported and hence no necessity for endorsements by heads of staff departments. Transportation in tolerably good order, heavy details in this department keep the stock down. This cannot be avoided. The wants of the command are attended to promptly.

“Owing to serious interruption in mail communications, certificates for extensions of furloughs have not been received. No officers are absent without leave, except such as have not been able to return since breaking of communications. Several officers await retirement. Papers have in all cases of this kind been already forwarded.

“Commanding officers use every means in their power to cause the return of absentees without leave. Details for picket, fatigue and guard call for about 200 men each day, thus it is difficult to exercise the men in drill, yet so necessary at this time.

“The ‘consolidation’ question is engrossing the attention of the command at present. The sooner this subject is disposed of, the better, at least for this brigade. If the exchange of prisoners is continued, we may possibly receive an accession of about 250 arms-bearing men. [The brigade was elsewhere reported having only 502 men effective for the field.]

“This command is encamped between the Darbytown and New Market Road, about 6 1/2 miles from Richmond.”

Via Blue & Gray Marching.

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