Nimrod Newton Nash

Newton Nash

Newt Nash was a rifleman in the 13th Mississippi whose letters home to his wife Mollie go a long way to illuminating the Civil War from the Confederate viewpoint.

Copies of the letters, transcribed by Newt’s descendants, were given to me by Weldon Nash of Dallas, an old Aggie who faithfully reads from some of them every year on July 2, the Battle of Gettysburg’s famous second day. It was the day Newt was killed in the regiment’s charge on the Union lines. Weldon also sent me this copy of Newt’s photograph, apparently taken in the late 1850s.

I’m sure Weldon will be pleased to see Newt here which I hope will stimulate interest in his eloquent letters, most of them quoted verbatim in my history of the regiment—-cheap at 99 cents in digital format.

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    One of comrades of brothers Francis and John Poore in the 13th Mississippi…

  2. jefftoalson says:

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    Dick – Newton was a marvelous writer. I have used snippets from his letters in a couple of books. Great to see pictures of he and Mollie posted by you. I would like to use both pictures in an upcoming book that uses 2 of Newt’s letters. Do I need your permission or since they are blogged for the world am I good to go?

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