Gettysburg Protests

“Civil War re-enactors and the National Parks Service are bracing for Anti-Confederate—and Antifa—protests July 4th weekend as Gettysburg battlefield and memorial in Pennsylvania celebrates the 154th anniversary of the pivotal battle.

“According to local media, rumors are swirling that several groups affiliated with anti-Confederate monument protests across the south are targeting the Civil War battlefield. That site hosts its own Confederate memorial and Confederate cemetery, alongside more than a thousand other memorials marking one of the bloodiest battles in American history.”

There is, of course, no Confederate cemetery at Gettysburg, only impromptu individual graves, unmarked and long ago forgotten. Like that of Private Newton Nash of the Minutemen of Attala, and his comrades-in-arms, on the third day of the battle.

But there are monuments, such as this one for the charge of Barksdale’s Mississippi Brigade (including, of course, the 13th Mississippi Regiment) on the second day. Fortunately they are too big or too close to the ground to be in much danger. Strange times we live in.

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