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“Official Records” now in Kindle

Independent historian Jess McLean, whose book The Official Records of the 13th Mississippi Infantry Regiment inspired my own, alerts us that his book is now available for Kindle users.

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A Very Jewish Civil War

Up to now the only source for Jewish Confederate soldiers, besides considering surnames on rosters, has been attorney Simon Wolf’s 1895 The American Jew as Patriot, Soldier and Citizen, available here. Altogether about 10,000 names: 7,000 Union and the rest … Continue reading

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Legacy of war

        This crutch belonged to Joseph W. Weatherly of the 13th Regiment’s Minutemen of Attala, a private from his 1861 enlistment, according to independent historian Grady Howell, to when one of his legs was amputated after the … Continue reading

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The Confederate Memorial at Arlington

Arlington National Cemetery, where the murdered President Kennedy is buried, along with thousands of American military careerists and a comparatively few war heroes who get most of the place’s publicity, has a little-known Confederate side. “For many years following the war, … Continue reading

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George M. Mott’s message to Abe

Rocky Lockley emails that he and Jason Hinton were relic hunting when they made this extraordinary find near Brucetown, northeast of Winchester, Virginia, where the 13th camped in October, 1862, after the Battle of Sharpsburg. He explains: “An Enfield bullet … Continue reading

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A Mississippian in Texas

Independent historian Jess McLean of Dallas, author of the only compendium of the troops of the 13th Mississippi Infantry Regiment is trying to preserve this old grave in Lyons, southwest of College Station, Texas. The lieutenant named on the tombstone, … Continue reading

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The “stillness” at Appomattox

The less-than-one-company-sized pittance that was the 13th Mississippi Regiment at Appomattox Courthouse played no recorded role in the events surrounding General Lee’s formal surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia on April 9, 1865. It was the Christian holy day … Continue reading

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Defending Richmond

There’s little extant information about the activities of the 13th Regiment and the rest of Kershaw’s division from November 1864 to early April 1865. Historians report no more than that the division was posted on the Nine Mile Road near … Continue reading

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