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Send clothing, food to our soldiers in Virginia

Many a Rebel, including some in the 13th Regiment, had been killed or wounded at the Battle of Sharpsburg, in Maryland in mid September, 1862, and the survivors, retreating back into Virginia near Winchester had to contend with frosty temperatures … Continue reading

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Mississippi uniform buttons

Apparently from a solider in I Company, which was the letter name of the 13th’s Minutemen of Attala, though I have no idea whether the buttons are from one of them. UPDATE: ¬†Winston Cameron of Winchester, Virginia, a descendant of … Continue reading

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Where Gen. Barksdale died

Gen. William Barksdale was wounded several times near Plum Run on the Gettysburg battlefield in the late evening of July 2, 1863. He was carried to this home of shoemaker Jacob Hummelbaugh on Cemetery Ridge by several Union soldiers who’d … Continue reading

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The “stillness” at Appomattox

The less-than-one-company-sized pittance that was the 13th Mississippi Regiment at Appomattox Courthouse played no recorded role in the events surrounding General Lee’s formal surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia on April 9, 1865. It was the Christian holy day … Continue reading

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Poore Boys In Gray

Ralph Poore, a onetime Utah newspaperman, is the latest descendent of a 13th Regiment soldier to write a book about his ancestor—two of them, actually, his great uncles the privates Francis Marion Poore and John F. Poore of the Newton … Continue reading

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Five days of rest, more or less

The brigade left its camp at sunrise on Wednesday, July 15, 1863, and marched thirteen miles, passing through Martinsburg. They finally camped at Bunker Hill, a hamlet beside the Winchester Pike, on Mill Creek, a tributary of Opequan Creek. The … Continue reading

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The Mississippi Brigade attacks

By some accounts, Gen. William Barksdale, of Columbus, Mississippi, the 13th Regiment’s colonel at muster in 1861, spent the late afternoon of July 2, 1863, in frustration. He was trying to get his division and corps commanders to allow his … Continue reading

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Home and back again

None of the available diarists or letter writers of the 13th Mississippi recorded their experiences of what it was like traveling home on furlough and back to the army. But Private Robert A. Moore, a diarist of the Confederate Guards, … Continue reading

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