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Hollywood will try again soon

I can’t think of many Hollywood movies of the Civil War which have been either accurate or particularly meaningful. What historian Gary Gallagher called “the feminist anti-war movie” Cold Mountain may have been the worst of recent vintage. Or maybe … Continue reading

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Dixie & The Bonnie Blue Flag

This is the music and the way it was played, i.e. by a brass band, that the men of the 13th heard ┬ábefore, during and even after the war for the ones who had survived. Nowadays Political Correctness has pretty … Continue reading

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Gettysburg’s 150th

I’m not sorry to be missing Gettysburg’s 150th anniversary these next three days. Too much of the occasion will be taken up by reenactment events, which reenactment participants call “impressions.” But too many of the reenactors are too corpulent and … Continue reading

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Brits reenact the regiment (more or less)

Mississippi Signals C.S.A.’s primary interest appears to be in the 13th Mississippi Infantry Regiment, though they seem to content themselves with reenacting a signals unit (wig-wag flags), at “battles” from April through October, near the West Midlands of Central England. … Continue reading

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