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Mississippi Governor Benjamin Grubb Humphreys

This is the official painting from the online site of the Mississippi State Archives, from Humphreys’ brief tenure as Mississippi’s twenty-sixth governor immediately after the war, which has a curious history. He was a wealthy Delta planter and slave owner who … Continue reading

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The Guns of 1864

It’s worth remembering, in this sesquicentennial year of the war, that in 1864, as the May issue of the American Rifleman magazine puts it “more and more repeating rifles—[seven-shot] Spencers and ‘sixteen shooter’ Henrys—made their way into Union units. “The South was … Continue reading

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Battles: Berryville

History has dismissed the Battle of Berryville, Sept 3-4, 1864, as a minor engagement. But it was major enough for the diminished 13th Regiment and the rest of the Mississippi Brigade. The federals under Gen. Phillip Sheridan were moving south … Continue reading

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