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The dying begins

They were Confederates now, but some of the men in some of the regiments at Union City, TN, still celebrated July 4 in 1861. Including some men of the 13th. Their activity of choice was target shooting. Many were too … Continue reading

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The Journey: The Camp of Instruction

Camp Barksdale, near Union City, TN, June 7, 1861. “Our company rebelled last night and carried our point,” Co.I (D) Pvt. Newton Nash wrote his wife Mollie. “We received some orders that we could not obey because they were given … Continue reading

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The Journey: The mustering of a regiment

In the spring of 1861, as one four Southern states (Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee and North Carolina) after another protested the election of Abraham Lincoln’s call for seventy-five thousand troops by passing ordinances of secession, militia units across Mississippi recruited and … Continue reading

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