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Monument-Rich Mississippi Is Vulnerable

Practically every cemetery in the state, and nearly every county courthouse lawn bears a marker or monument to the Confederacy, usually but not always to the enlisted soldiers. It’s sad to think they might become the victims of ahistorical mob … Continue reading

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Secession Again?

“Secession is in the air again, ironically for the same reason the South seceded in 1860—dissatisfaction with the results of the presidential election. In 1860 it was Abe Lincoln; in 2016 it’s Donald Trump. And it’s not the South this … Continue reading

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Mississippi Governor Benjamin Grubb Humphreys

This is the official painting from the online site of the Mississippi State Archives, from Humphreys’ brief tenure as Mississippi’s twenty-sixth governor immediately after the war, which has a curious history. He was a wealthy Delta planter and slave owner who … Continue reading

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Cooking in one pot

You might have a hard time imagining how creative one could be cooking with one pot or skillet over an open fire—no matter how creative you were in scrounging up the makin’s from sometimes pitifully small rations. Comes Clarissa Clifton to help … Continue reading

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A slave takes his master home

The bodies of two men of the 13th Mississippi Regiment, left in the town when the brigade withdrew on the evening of Dec. 11, were discovered after Christmas in the rubble of some shelled and destroyed Fredericksburg homes. One was … Continue reading

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Slavery in Mississippi

Map of the 1860 federal census shows the density of slave population in Mississippi—more than most of the other states of the pending Confederacy. The long, L-shaped black figure (center left of the map) extending from the northwest part of … Continue reading

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A runaway slave

It had been snowing on and off for three days and there were the usual nervous warnings from brigade to have rations cooked and be ready to march and fight if the Yankees advanced. Several inches of fresh snow had … Continue reading

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Slave-owning officers of the 13th

I finally found the time to run the names of some of the 13th’s commissioned and non-commissioned officers through the federal 1860 Slave Schedules Census search engine at I have, so far, found the following slave ownership (or lack … Continue reading

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