Buried on the battlefield

In 1906 a book was published in Ohio listing the names and locations of Confederates who were so badly wounded in the Maryland campaign that they were left on the battlefield by their departing comrades.

These men subsequently died in Union field hospitals and were buried on the battlefields of Sharpsburg, South Mountain and the Monocacy River, along with men who were killed outright (above at Antietam’s Bloody Lane, by Mathew Brady assistant Alexander Gardner).

According to independent historian Jess N. McLean, The Story of Camp Chase, by William H. Knauss, included the names of four men of the 13th buried on the field at Sharpsburg: G.W. Corbin, Oliver E. Powe, Jonathan F. Sessions, and William L. West.

Both McLean and independent historian H. Grady Howell, Jr., list Corbin as a private on the regiment’s roster but they were unable to determine which company he belonged to.

The book, according to McLean, says Corbin was buried at Antietam in “Colonel Miller’s first field [hospital?], north of Stine’s House, close to Mercerville road, six feet from a panel of fence; notches cut in rail.”

Powe, according to McLean and Howell, was a private in the Wayne Rifles. McLean says he died at “[Lavinia] Groves Farm” at Sharpsburg and was buried on the “south side of Mrs. Lucker’s barn [,] field near a large locust tree; stone on graves; some [headboards] still there.”

McLean and Howell agree that Sessions was a corporal in the Wayne Rifles. McLean says he also died at “[Lavinia] Groves Farm” and was “buried along division fence near a locust tree; stone on graves; some [headboards] still there.”

West, a private of the Spartan Band, is the only one of the three whose Sharpsburg wounds are described. Quartermaster clerk William H. Hill, also of the Spartan Band, recorded that the 23-year-old West was “shot through the eye.”

He also is listed as dying on the Groves farm  and was “buried along division fence near a locust tree; stone on graves; some [headboards, about 1906] still there.”

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